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Loremi Tours organizes private safaris only. This means your tour will be unique and designed with your interests in mind. One of the main decisions one has to make when designing a safari tour is the accommodation level. Uganda can offer a very wide spectrum of accommodation styles, from mid-range safari camps to world-class luxury camps or lodges which will indulge your senses and give you one of the most exclusive experiences on Earth.


And, of course, deciding the actual itinerary itself, meaning which parks to visit and how much time to spend in each one. In this page you can find a set of standard tours that we highly recommend for any safari duration. We normally use those as base and then customize them so they adapt to our guests needs, preferences, style, time and budget.
Regardless of your choice about the itinerary and accommodation, you will have a once in a lifetime experience that can’t be matched by any other tour operator. You will have available a powerful and in top condition 4WD LandCruiser with Safari Pop Up Roof, high-end Binoculars, cooler, chargers and, most importantly, a truly spectacular guide. Our guides are the real stars and they make the difference between a simple tour and a once in a lifetime experience and we make sure we employ the best of the best in the industry: Cheerful, professional, experienced, good story tellers and with fantastic guiding capabilities. After all, this safari experience will be one of the most unique journeys of your life and we want you to experience it in the most interesting way possible.

One of the benefits of booking with us, and what distinguishes from other great companies, is how, regardless of our volume of business, we are able to dedicate the whole team, including the directors, to the unique purpose of going the extra mile to make your wishes come true. From the first email you send us, until it’s time to say goodbye, you will have state of the art and lightning fast customer care to fulfil your wishes, answer your doubts or make your experience just slightly more comfortable.

Please contact us so we can handicraft your itinerary to perfectly match your needs and requests..

Kidepo Valley National Park is an unspoiled wilderness of lush green valleys, dramatic mount ranges, spectacular night skies and amazing sunrise
This is a 3 days & 3 nights tour that takes you to Uganda’s oldest and largest National Park. It’s where the Nile banks are thronged with Hippos, crocodiles, Waterbucks and Buffaloes.


Engage in cultural experiences for a 2 days & 2 nights visit at Anyayo, Paidha are sacrificial hill on top rock and rainmaking ceremonies performed.